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Severe Weather Preparedness

The 2017 hurricane season is one for the record books:

  • Most rainfall dropped by a single storm (Harvey, 51.88 inches of rainfall near Highland, Texas)
  • First time two Category 4 hurricanes have made landfall in the US in the same year (Harvey and Irma)
  • First time two hurricanes had wind speed of 150+ mph at the same time (Irma and Jose)
  • Longest lasting powerful hurricane or typhoon ever recorded (Irma, 185-mph winds for 37 hours)
Severe weather such as this put millions in harm’s way every year. Often, preparedness on the part of responders, government agencies, healthcare organizations, and private companies can mean the difference between life and death.

Safety Communications During Severe Weather

Severe Weather Tip Sheet

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Everbridge for Severe Weather Response

Everbridge provides emergency response coordinators with best practices as they deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, the upcoming Hurricane Irma, and other severe weather events.

The Everbridge Critical Event Management Platform

Learn from Everbridge CTO, Imad Mouline, how Everbridge Critical Event Management can help protect your people and assets.