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Keep Your Open Campus Closed to Threat

Active Shooter Preparedness

Be Active Shooter Ready

Active shooter incidents have become increasingly common in all types of settings, and present a significant threat in all environments where large groups of people gather. University campuses, office parks, or even community events present specific challenges including a potentially large vulnerable student and staff population or attendees that are exposed by numerous access points.

Despite two-thirds of organizations naming active shooters as a top threat, 79 percent are not fully prepared according to a recent survey.

Active Shooter Preparedness Report

Trusted by 6 of the World’s Top 10 Tech Companies, and More Than 3,500 Leading Global Organizations To

  • Safeguard Employees

  • Restore and Maintain Continuity

  • Protect Assets and Brand


Rackspace Leverages Everbridge to Ensure the Safety and Productivity of its 6,000-Person Global Workforce

“An active shooter event locally, or an act of terrorism that could impact global travelers, or if it’s a weather-driven event or crisis, we feel confident that we can reach all of our employees in those situations and keep them out of harm’s way.”

Red Hat

Red Hat Relies on Everbridge to Manage the Safety of its Dispersed and Mobile Workforce

“For us to be able to send messaging out through Everbridge, 20 minutes before (the incident) shows up on open media, is a critically important anticipatory act, rather than a reactionary act.”