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The Power of

Critical Event Management

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Why Critical Event Management (CEM)?


Sure, you have detailed emergency preparedness programs and your business continuity planning is up-to-date, but with an increasingly complex and unpredictable threat environment, it has never been more imperative to act faster. With more complete intelligence, you’ll be able to increase your speed and decisiveness in order to assess risks and prevent them from harming your people or disrupting your operations.

A Critical Event Management platform uses technology to take manual processes and automate them. Amplifying ad hoc data feeds to provide richer intelligence and correlating threats with locations of assets and people, ensures more rapid and comprehensive incident assessment and remediation.

Additional benefits include:

  • The ability to automate the initiation of incident response activities
  • Faster recovery of operations
  • More complete assessment of your risk profile to move from a reactive crisis response approach to a proactive crisis prevention approach
  • Accelerated analysis of your performance

Keeping People Safe and Their Business Running with CEM

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What is Critical Event Management (CEM)?