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States + Local Governments

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Reliably Reach Residents, Coordinate Responders and Employees

States and Local Governments need to anticipate and prepare for events that range from critical, like severe weather, active shooters or acts of terrorism, to routine, like community events, protests, and construction. These events require information to be shared with residents, staff and emergency personnel, over any device, while having the confidence that they will reach the desired recipients immediately.

Everbridge is trusted by over 3,700 public safety agencies in the US. We are the leader in large scale, statewide, and multi-jurisdictional deployments, and leveraged by FEMA for both developmental and live IPAWS messages.

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Addressing the Challenge of Vaccine Distribution

Distribution and management of COVID-19 vaccines will be a massive, logistically complicated, and time-compressed effort for state and local governments as well as various stakeholders. Challenges include around communication public outreach to multiple populations with a focus on vulnerable populations people, rumor control, data management, and supply chain logistics. Everbridge can help you:

  • Promote vaccine confidence and uptake with public outreach and strategic communications on vaccine efficacy, availability, and safety to citizens and employees, and communication with vulnerable populations.
  • Access a robust residential and business database to expand your reach
  • Enable intra-agency and public/private coordination and collaboration through a public health command center
  • Leverage a holistic view of the global and hyper-local threat environment

Discover how Everbridge can help government organizations with vaccine distribution, logistics, communication, safety & security to accomplish an efficient and effective vaccine rollout.

Everbridge Alerts Help Keep Residents Safe & Informed During the COVID-19 Pandemic

“Ensuring the safety of all Floridians is the Division’s top priority. The selection of Everbridge as the AlertFlorida vendor marks a milestone toward providing the State’s Emergency Managers with a standardized system to communicate critical emergency information to every resident, business and visitor in Florida.”

– Bryan W. Koon, Florida Department of Emergency Management Director


“Depending on their preferences, residents can receive notifications on anything from street sweeping and water conservation, to library services and building code issues. Residents can also stay engaged with the community through our TorranceAlerts Twitter and Facebook handles as well.”

Soraya Sutherlin, Emergency Services Manager

Florida: Statewide Notification System

In 2016, Everbridge was selected as the service provider for the development and implementation of AlertFlorida, a landmark initiative that provides statewide emergency alert and notification services to Florida residents, businesses and visitors.

Florida promoted the keyword #FLPREPARES in advance of Hurricane Irma, asking residents and visitors to text the keyword to 888-777 to receive critical updates and information. During the course of the Hurricane, 20M+ messages were sent, and over 600K individuals opted-into the system. The uniformity of the system created a standardized message that was easily adopted and deployed across all public safety entities in the state. In turn, public messaging was clear, concise and consistent throughout the event.

Case Study: AlertFlorda


Using the Same Notification System as Your Neighbors Has Benefits