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Retail + eCommerce

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Protecting People, Revenue and Inventory

Severe weather, crime, cyber-attacks and IT failures have one thing in common for retailers: they all can result in lost revenue.  With Everbridge, retailers can anticipate threats, assess data, communicate with response teams, impacted employees, and stakeholders, and analyze past responses to minimize and prevent the impacts of business disruptions.

Cybersecurity Prep Kit                 Active Shooter Prep Kit

“Everbridge helps us rapidly recover our operations, make sure we are protecting our employees, our partners, our customers, all of our assets, and our brand.”

– Chris Hartinger, Enterprise Crisis Manager

“Employee safety and enterprise resiliency are paramount and we continually seek innovative solutions and partnerships that ensure we are meeting these demands.”

– John Liuzzi, National Director of Business Continuity

White Paper

Active Shooter Incident Consequence Management and the Roadmap to Recovery