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Higher Education Safety

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Creating a Safe Higher Education Experience

Establishing a safe and secure higher education environment for students, faculty, and staff, while encouraging community collaboration is a complex challenge. It can be difficult to know who is on a college or university campus and where they are at any given time. This information is vital during critical events to ensure the correct information is communicated quickly, easily, and reliably to anyone impacted. Campus-wide alerts about emergency situations, school closings, and campus events keep the community informed while empowering students to become partners in their own security, whether they are on campus or off, or even studying overseas. For campus safety and security teams, it’s vital to be able to manage tasks, share response plans, and maintain command and control over response teams during a critical event.

K-12 School Safety

Higher Education Safety

Digital Wayfinding for Enhanced Visitor Experience

Navigating a new college campus for the first time can be confusing for visitors, potential new students, parents, and new incoming students. Everbridge’s Digital Wayfinding solution improves visitor experience with indoor and outdoor GPS designed to help people navigate their way around a university campus with ease and reliability while providing additional information about the campus.

The Wayfinding Solution features:

  • Self-guided campus tours
  • Navigation and location services
  • Campus shuttle tracking system
  • Dining and amenities information
  • Parking suggestions for on-campus destinations
  • ‘Meet Me’ feature for visitors, friends, and family to connect anywhere on campus

Having an engaging, positive visitor experience with user-friendly, customizable technology can make a significant first impression to a prospective student and their family.

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Crisis Management for Coordinated Response

Everbridge Crisis Management helps University and College teams coordinate the management and monitoring a safe return-to-campus while keeping all stakeholders, leadership and parties informed at all times. This includes the management of:

  • COVID-19 reporting, exposures, and management of those exposures
  • Quarantines, partial/full campus quarantines, building closures, re-openings
  • Cleanings and disinfections
  • Cross-functional communications and notifications
  • Health Services/HR Coordination
  • Audit logs to ensure every step was followed with processes

Everbridge Crisis Management helps automate tasks and processes, to avoid the challenges of trying to use paperwork and spreadsheets, all while protecting data privacy.

Contact Tracing Empowers Return to Campus

Everbridge empowers schools to reopen campuses and resume athletics. With Everbridge COVID-19 contact tracing and proximity tracing software, institutions can assure parents, students, faculty, and staff that the university is taking all steps necessary to protect its people. Leverage Everbridge’s COVID-19 Shield solution to:
  • Conduct daily surveys with students, faculty, and staff to assess their health status through symptom checks and provide evidence of verification
  • Gain a full assessment and understanding of campus risk factors through wellness checks
  • Proactively notify those who may have been exposed based on established proximity and duration thresholds with guidance
  • Provide assistance and relevant information for those that have tested positive
Manage and coordinate the return of students, faculty, and staff to campus and establish enhanced levels of safety and operations through contact tracing and risk management with Everbridge.
Contact Tracing for Higher Education safety
College students visiting outdoor information booths on a UCLA campus

UCLA Campus Safety

“Everbridge’s proven platform is a crucial piece of our security strategy aimed at ensuring the safety of our students, faculty, staff and visitors at all times.”

– Art Kirkland, Director, Office of Emergency Management

Aerial view of the Rhode Island Institute of Technology campus

Keeping RIT Safe

“Notifications can be sent when administrators are not at their desks (which is often). It’s easy for them to log in and send a message because the templates are available and all of the settings are default.”

– Lynn B. Daley, M.Sc., CEM®, Director of Business Continuity