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Protecting People, Equipment, and Production

Critical events have the potential to have a huge impact on the operations of technology companies and telecomm providers.  The impact of events like severe weather emergencies, natural disasters, active shooters, cyber-attacks, and technology failures not only hurt bottom-line results but can also put employees at risk.  Whether facing an incident management, operational resiliency or emergency notification challenge, your organization needs to seamlessly reach distributed workforces, stakeholders, and customers—in multiple locations and across a variety of devices.

Cybersecurity Prep Kit                 Active Shooter Prep Kit


“Whether it’s a local active shooter situation, an act of terrorism that could impact global travelers, or a weather-driven crisis, we are confident that we can reliably reach all of our employees in those situations rapidly and keep them out of harm’s way.”

– Mark Terry, Director of Global Enterprise Security

Microsoft GSOC


“Before, our security operations used 60 proprietary technologies that didn’t interoperate.  Now, all but two are integrated into a single management and alarm system.”

– Brian Tuskan, Sr. Director of Global Security