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Preparing for An Active Assailant: Exercise Design Series

You have heard of “active shooter,” this series will focus on an “active assailant,” which is a person (or group of persons) actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill or ca Read More

The Process that ITIL Forgot: Security Incident Response

George Spalding, EVP of Pink Elephant, and Vincent Geffray of Everbridge discuss the process that ITIL forgot: Security Incident Response. Read More

Modernizing Public Warning Messaging

Discover the latest research on how to design and disseminate alerts and warning information that encourages public action. Read More

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How to Avoid Sending a False Alarm

The ballistic missile False Alarm alert that occurred in Hawaii recently has underscored the critical role that these systems play in keeping the public informed. Read More

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Webinar: Improved Security Preparedness for Active Shooter Events

For security, during any event – especially an active shooter incident – your organization’s employees, facilities, operations and brand are… Read More

Effective Active Shooter and Mass Casualty Response Planning and Communications

Learn from former FBI Special Agent Tom Veivia as he provides a comprehensive view of all parts of a crisis event and how they are interconnected and addressed. Read More


Active Assailant Preparedness Training and Exercises

Organizations and institutions must be prepared for new attack methods and develop policies, plans, procedures and exercises aligned with today’s realities. Read More

The Business Evolution From Incident Management to Critical Event Management

A new report from technology analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) examines the continued development and maturity of the market for Critical Event Management. Read More


Communication Lessons from Hurricane Harvey

Best practices learned from Hurricane Harvey to better prepare you for severe weather events. Read More