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Preparing for a Terrorist Attack

With the increase of terrorist attacks across the globe, a holistic security approach is needed to enable organizations to prepare for, and plan for new threats and attacks. Read More

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Coordinate, Integrate, and Respond: A NIMS Discussion

A NIMS Discussion as two guest speakers from FEMA discuss recent changes updates to NIMS/ Read More

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Meet Duty of Care with Everbridge Safety Connection

People are not confined to static locations as they once were. The workforce has become increasing mobile, traveling around cities or even around the world. Read More

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Extreme Hurricanes, 1 Year Later

Learn about what responses can be taken, how plans can be improved, what long-terms actions can aid recovery, & recent technological improvements that can offer greater assistance. Read More

Protect Your School from Active Shooter Incidents

Steven Crimando, expert in homeland and private security, violence prevention and crisis management shares best practices and real-life examples to help modernize your response. Read More

Natural Disaster and Severe Weather Preparedness, Alerting, Response and Management

Using Critical Event Management (CEM) to Manage Severe Weather Events

It’s more than just hurricanes that wreak havoc; tornadoes, flooding, shear winds, and other weather events are significant challenges for city and county governments. Read More

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Anticipate and Prepare: Weather Forecast with WDT

Don’t get caught by surprise this season; register now for Anticipate and Prepare: Weather Forecast with WDT! Read More

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Webinar: How One Home Hospital Program Reduced Costs By 52%

Dr. David Levine, MD, MA from Brigham & Women’s Hospital leads an in-depth discussion on the concept of “home hospital.” Read More

Preparing for An Active Assailant: Exercise Design Series

You have heard of “active shooter,” this series will focus on an “active assailant,” which is a person (or group of persons) actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill or ca Read More