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Coronavirus Preparedness

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Coronavirus Map: Up-to-the-Minute Coverage

The coronavirus situation map below offers the latest alerts. Open the map in a new tab for the best experience.

Covid-19 Shield Turnkey Solutions

Covid-19 Shield Return to Work Solutions

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Staying ahead of the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to be challenging for governments, businesses and healthcare systems across the globe.

Everbridge is working with thousands of organizations to help them protect their people and their operations (access the coronavirus preparedness kit here). In the past couple of weeks, customers have utilized our platform to get frequent push notification updates on the virus and its impact on transportation and production globally from our Risk Intelligence Service, powered by NC4; to juxtapose the outbreaks with where their people, facilities, assets, suppliers, and supply chain routes are and pinpoint risks; to automatically initiate and manage response plans; and to send more than 15 million messages in a couple of weeks.

We have assembled this resource hub to keep you up to date on developments related to the coronavirus and share information and best practices.

We will be continually updating this page. If you have suggestions for additional information you would like, please contact


Are You Prepared


Download this kit for industry best practices and system recommendations to optimize your infectious disease response.

The Coronavirus Preparedness Kit Contains four resources:

  1. 10 Key Industry Infectious Disease Readiness Components
  2. Infectious Disease Communication Best Practices White Paper
  3. 10 Key Everbridge System Considerations for All-Hazard Events
  4. Critical Event Management (CEM) Best Practices for Infectious Disease Communication