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The 2-Day global event will focus on how to resume operations and successfully navigate the new landscape for a safe return to work in the new normal of the pandemic. Additional topics will include leadership lessons and the global challenges we’re facing in the 21st century.

The Everbridge Public Warning platform delivers the most proven, comprehensive, flexible and easy-to-use solutions to alert residents and visitors during crisies and major incidents, to keep them safe.

critical event Management solutions

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Critical events happen every day: severe weather, workplace violence, active shooters, terrorism, IT and power outages, environmental discharges, critical equipment failures, medical emergencies, social media attacks… They threaten safety and brand reputation, interrupt supply chains, and disrupt operations.

Helping manage critical events for 5,300+ customers globally, reaching more than 600 million people in over 200 countries and territories

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Use one common platform enterprise-wide to aggregate risk data, locate people and assets under threat, initiate action and manage incidents, and analyze after-action performance.